Thursday, 16 May 2013

Spread Sheet

   Excel worksheet:         

               In this section we are going to learn the purpose of Microsoft Excel software and the purpose of the spreadsheet. Here the spread sheet also called as worksheet.

What is a Spreadsheet?
A spreadsheet is a piece of software for handling and manipulating numbers. You can write numbers down on a piece of paper and add them up. Like this:
45 =
But that's not a spreadsheet. However, if you bought Microsoft Excel and entered the same numbers into the software, you'd have a spreadsheet. The best part about a spreadsheet is - you don't have to do any adding up yourself! The program will add the numbers up for you.
A spreadsheet doesn't only add up, of course. It can do a whole lot more besides simple arithmetic. It can handle financial calculations, statistical information, and do complex trigonometry. And it can make a pretty graph for you.