Thursday, 13 June 2013

Multi touch Technology



            When interacting with a regular desktop computer, indirect devices such as a mouse or keyboard are used to control the computer. Results of the interaction are displayed on a monitor. Current operating systems are restricted to one pointing device. With the introduction of multi-touch, a new form of human computer interaction is introduced. Multi-touch combines display technology with sensors which are capable of tracking multiple points of input. The idea is that this would allow users to interact with the computer in a natural way.

            Multi-touch consists of a touch screen (screen, table, wall, etc.) or touchpad, as well as a software that recognizes multiple simultaneous touch points, as opposed to the standard touch screen which recognizes only one touch point at a time. Multi touch using Frustrated Total Internal Reflection is a simple, inexpensive, and scalable technique for enabling high-resolution multi- touch sensing on rear-projected interactive surfaces. Different  applications for multi-touch interfaces both exist and are being proposed.  Some uses are individualistic eg iPhone, iPod touch, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air. The use of multi-touch technology is expected to rapidly become common place.

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