Thursday, 10 October 2013

Properties of tools...........

                               Right side of the Design environment we the PROPERTY BOX for everything like form, labels, textboxes, buttons etc.. in the design area. If it does not appears jst goto
VIEW menu ---> other windows ---> then select Properties window.

If your Properties box says "Textbox1 Textbox" or "Label1 Label" then you haven't yet selected the Form. Click away from the textbox or label until the Properties box reads "Form1 Form".

The property box has different properties such as: font , background image, background image layout, cursor etc..

If we want to change the name of the FORM jst put the cursor on the form goto properties and the select "AZ grid" which is nothing but alphabet grid on the top of the property box.

 Then goto TEXT by scrolling down to the property box.

Then change the name FORM1 by new name like "My New Form".
IT looks like:

Before changing :

After changing:

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