Monday, 21 January 2013

Advanced Java For Web Technologies


UNIT  I: Review of HTML4 ;
Common tags ,HTML Tables and formatting internal linking, Complex HTML forms.

UNIT II :Introduction to Scripting Languages:
Java Scripts, Control structures,functions,  arrays & objects, DHTML,  CSS,  event model,  filters & transitions.

UNIT III: Review of Applets, Class, Event Handling, AWT Programming:
Introduction to Swing:  Japplet, Handling Swing Controls like Icons,  Buttons,  Text Boxes, Combo Boxes, Tabbed Pains, Scroll Pains, Trees, Tables, Differences between AWT Controls & Swing Controls, Developing a Home page using  Applets & Swing.

UNIT IV :Java Beans:
Introduction to Java Beans, Advantages of Java Beans, BDK,      Introspection, Using Bound properties, Bean Info Interface, Constrained        properties, Persistence, Customizers, Java Beans API.

UNIT V: Introduction to Servelets:
Lifecycle of a Servelet, JSDK, The Servelet API, The javax.servelet Package, Reading Servelet parameters, Reading Initialization Parameters, The javax.servelet.HTTP package, Handling,  Http Request & responses, Using Cookies,  Session Tracking, Security Issues.

UNIT VI :Introduction to JSP:
The Problem with Servelets, The Anatomy of a JSP Page, JSP Processing, JSP Application Design with MVC.
Setting Up the JSP Environment: Installing the Java Software Development Kit, Tomcat Server & Testing Tomcat.
UNIT VII: JSP Application Development:
Generating Dynamic Content, Using Scripting Elements, Implicit JSP Objects, Conditional Processing – Displaying Values, Using an Expression to Set an Attribute, Declaring Variables and Methods, Error Handling and Debugging, Sharing Data Between JSP Pages, Requests, and Users, Passing Control and Data Between Pages – Sharing  Session and Application Data Memory Usage Considerations.

UNIT VIII: Database Access:
Database Programming using JDBC, Studying Javax.sql.* package. Accessing a Database from a JSP Page, Application – Specific Database Actions Deploying JAVA Beans in a JSP Page.

1.      Internet and World Wide Web: How to program,6/e, Dietel, Dietel , Pearson.
2.      The Complete Reference Java2, 3/e, Patrick Naughton,  Herbert Schildt, TMH.
3.      Java Server Faces,  Hans Bergstan, O’reilly.


4.      Web Programming, building internet applications, 2/e, Chris Bates, Wiley Dreamtech 
5.      Programming world wide web, Sebesta, PEA
6.      Web Tehnologies, 2/e, Godbole, kahate, TMH
An Introduction to web Design , Programming ,Wang,Thomson