Monday, 21 January 2013

Distributed Operating system

(Elective II)

UNIT I: Processes:
THREADS: Introduction to Threads, Threads in Distributed Systems; CLIENTS: User Interfaces, Client-Side Software for Distribution Transparency SERVERS: General Design Issues, Object Servers; CODE MIGRATION: Approaches to Code Migration, Migration and Local Resources, Migration in Heterogeneous Systems, Example: D'Agents
SOFTWARE AGENTS: Software Agents in Distributed Systems, Agent Technology.

UNIT II: Naming Systems:
NAMING ENTITIES: Names, Identifiers, and Addresses, Name Resolution, The Implementation of a Name Space, Example: DNS, X.500
LOCATING MOBILE ENTITIES: Naming versus Locating Entities, Simple Solutions, Home-Based Approaches, Hierarchical Approaches
REMOVING UNREFERENCED ENTITIES: The Problem of Unreferenced Objects, Reference Counting, Reference Listing, Identifying Unreachable Entities.

UNIT III: Synchronization:
Clock synchronization, logical clocks, global state, election algorithms, mutual exclusion, distributed transactions.

UNIT IV: Consistency and Replication:
Introduction, Data-Centric Consistency Models, Client-Centric Consistency Models, Distribution Protocols, Consistency Protocols, Examples: Orca and Causally-Consistent Lazy Replication.

UNIT V: Fault Tolerance:
Introduction to Fault Tolerance, Process Resilience, Reliable Client-Server Communication, Reliable Group Communication, Distributed Commit, Recovery.

UNIT VI: Distributed Object-Based Systems:
CORBA, Distributed Com, Globe and Comparison of CORBA, DCOM, and Globe.

UNIT VII: Distributed File Systems:
Sun Network File System, Coda File System, Plan~9, XFS and SFS, Scalable Security, Comparison of Distributed File Systems.

UNIT VIII: Distributed Document-Based Systems and Coordination-Based Systems:
Distributed Document-Based Systems: The World Wide Web, Lotus Notes, Comparison of WWW and Lotus Notes.
Distributed Coordination-Based Systems: Introduction to Coordination Models, TIB/Rendezvous, JINI, Comparison of TIB/Rendezvous and JINI.

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