Monday, 21 January 2013

Human computer Interface

(Elective I)

UNIT  I: Introduction:
Importance of user Interface, definition, importance of good design. Benefits of good design. A brief history of Screen design

UNIT  II: The graphical user interface:
Popularity of graphics, the concept of direct manipulation, graphical system, Characteristics, Web user –interface popularity, characteristics- Principles of user interface.

UNIT  III: Design process
Human interaction with computers, importance of human characteristics human consideration, Human interaction speeds, understanding business junctions.

UNIT IV: Screen Designing :
Design goals, Screen planning and purpose, organizing screen elements, ordering of screen data and content, screen navigation and flow, Visually pleasing composition, amount of information, focus and emphasis, presentation information simply and meaningfully, information retrieval on web, statistical graphics, Technological consideration in interface design.

UNIT  V: Windows:
Windows new and Navigation schemes selection of window, selection of devices based and screen based controls.

UNIT  VI: Components :
Components text and messages, Icons and increases, Multimedia, colors, uses problems, choosing colors.

UNIT  VII: Software tools :
Specification methods, interface, Building Tools.

UNIT  VIII: Interaction Devices:
Keyboard and function keys,  pointing devices, speech recognition digitization and generation, image and video displays, drivers.

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