Monday, 21 January 2013

software Engineering


UNIT I : Introduction to Software Engineering :
The evolving role of software, Changing Nature of Software,Software myths.
A Generic view of process : Software engineering- A layered technology, a process framework, The
Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI), Process patterns, process assessment, personal and team process models.

UNIT II : Process models :
The waterfall model, Incremental process models, Evolutionary process models, The Unified process.
Software Requirements : Functional and non-functional requirements, User requirements, System
requirements, Interface specification, the software requirements document.

UNIT III : Requirements engineering process :
Feasibility studies, Requirements elicitation and analysis, Requirements validation, Requirements management.
System models : Context Models, Behavioral models, Data models, Object models, structured methods.

UNIT IV : Design Engineering :
Design process and Design quality, Design concepts, the design model.
Creating an architectural design : Software architecture, Data design, Architectural styles and patterns,
Architectural Design.

UNIT V : Object-Oriented Design :
Objects and object classes, An Object-Oriented design process, Design evolution.
Performing User interface design : Golden rules, User interface analysis and design, interface analysis,
interface design steps, Design evaluation.

UNIT VI : Testing Strategies : A strategic approach to software testing, test strategies for conventional software, Black-Box and White-Box testing, Validation testing, System testing, the art of Debugging.
Product metrics : Software Quality, Metrics for Analysis Model, Metrics for Design Model, Metrics for
source code, Metrics for testing, Metrics for maintenance.

UNIT VII : Metrics for Process and Products :
Software Measurement, Metrics for software quality.
Risk management : Reactive vs. Proactive Risk strategies, software risks, Risk identification, Risk
projection, Risk refinement, RMMM, RMMM Plan.

UNIT VIII : Quality Management :
Quality concepts, Software quality assurance, Software Reviews, Formal technical reviews, Statistical Software quality Assurance, Software reliability, The ISO 9000 quality standards.


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